SATA Front Connect is a extension cable (with metal frame) which will connect Internal SATA Port to the Front panel of the Computer.

SATA Front Connect will allow user to plug and play SATA device from the front panel of the computer.

The SATA Front Connect is designed to fit the dimension of 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive bay of the computer case.

Hardware Requirements
  • SATA Front Connect
    • Desktop PC: with either a built-in Serial ATA (SATA) controller or a Serial ATA (SATA) to PCI Host Adapter equipped with a internal Serial ATA (SATA) port.
Kit includes
  • SATA Front Connect DB-35SATA metal frame
  • One eSATA 7pin receptacle to SATA 7pin plug cable in length of 0.6m.
  • One SATA Activity LED cable in length of 0.6m.
  • Screws (pan head M3x5, driver cross)
  • Easy Installation Guide