IOI-1394TT is a 3-port PCILynx-2 IEEE-1394 PCI Host Adapter featuring Texas Instrument's new 1394a 400Mbps PHY.
Technical Specifications
Host Bus:

PCI 2.1 Compliant

IEEE 1394 Std Support:

100/200/400 Mbps

IEEE-1394 to PCI Chip:

Texas Instruments PCILynx-2 TSB12LV21B

1394a PHY:

Texas Instruments TSB41AB3

1394 Connector:
  • External (FW-6pin X 3)
  • External (FW-6pin X 2) + Internal (FW-6pin X 1)
Bus Power Connector:

with mini 4-pin DC + 12V Power Connector

Operating System Requirements
  • Windows: 3rd party driver needed
  • Mac OS 8.6+