S2-ATAPIS50 is a ATAPI to SATA Bridge Board for converting standard ATAPI (fine-pitch 50-pin connector) slim ODD (Optical Disk Drive) into SATA slim ODD. It’s fully compatible with all kinds of slim ODDs, like CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-RW drives.

Technical Specifications
  • SATA Interface:
    • One SATA Signal 7pin Latch Type Connector
    • Serial ATA Generation 2 transfer rate of 3.0 Gbp/s
    • SATA power save modes.
    • SATA hot-plug.
    • SATA II-standard Set Features for disabling device-initiated SATA power
  • IDE (ATA/ATAPI) Interface:
    • Fine-pitch 50-pin connector for slim CD/DVD drive.
  • AT Attachment with Packet Interface Extension (ATA/ATAPI-7) Compliant:
    • ATA/ATAPI PIO mode data transfer.
    • ATA/ATAPI UDMA data transfer rates of 16.7, 25, 33, 44, 66, 100, 133, and 150 MB/s.
    • ATA/ATAPI PACKET Command feature set which supports INF-8090i packet commands.
    • Tagged command queuing (maximum 32 entries).
    • ATA/ATAPI-7 streaming feature set.
    • ATA/ATAPI-7 Force Unit Access commands.
    • ATA/ATAPI 48-bit Address feature set.
  • Power Connector:
    • FDD (Floppy Disk Drive) like mini 4-pin power connector.
  • CD Audio connectors:
    • One 4-pin 2.54 pitch CD Audio connector.
    • One 4-pin 2.0 pitch CD Audio connector.
  • Jumper for selecting 1.5Gbp/s or 3.0Gbp/s.
  • Converting standard ATAPI (fine-pitch 50-pin connector) slim ODD (Optical Disk Drive) into SATA slim ODD.

Physical Dimensions
  • With the same height as Slim ODD
  • 10.15cm x 1.27cm (4" x 0.49")
  • Direct Connect Vertical type

Kit includes
  • S2-ATAPIS50
  • With two screws for mounting
  • User's Manual
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