FWB-PCI01A is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today's 1394 bus architecture. Its capability of performing 800M bits/s transfer speed enables the throughput and bandwidth to move data efficiently and quickly between the PCI and 1394 buses. FWB-PCI01A also provides outstanding ultra-low power operation and intelligent power management capabilities.

FWB-PCI01A's improved throughput and increased bandwidth make it ideal for today's high-end PCs. It opens the door for the development of S800 RAID- and SAN-based peripherals. The data transfer rates of FWB-PCI01A are 100Mbits/s, 200Mbit/s, 400Mbits/s, & 800Mbits/s.

Technical Specifications
Host Bus:

PCI 2.x Compliant

  • Universal PCI interfaces compatible with 3.3-V and 5-V PCI signaling environments.
  • 33-MHz/64-bit and 33-MHz/32-bit selectable PCI interface.
  • Low Profile PCI Form Factor (64.0mm x 163.5mm)
IEEE 1394 Std Support:
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE P1394b Revision 1.33+ at 1-Gigabit Signaling Rates
  • Fully Supports Provisions of IEEE 1394a.2000 and 1394.1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus
  • Fully Interoperable With Firewire., i.LINK., and SB1394., Implementation of IEEE Std 1394
1394 Bus Transfer Rate:
  • Provides two IEEE Std 1394b-2002 fully compliant cable ports at 100/200/400/800 megabits per second (Mbits/s).
  • Provides one Fully Backward Compatible, (1394a.2000 Fully Compliant)
IEEE-1394 to PCI Controller :
  • Texas Instruments TSB82AA2
  • PCI burst transfers and deep FIFOs to tolerate large host latency
    • Transmit FIFO—5K asynchronous
    • Transmit FIFO—2K isochronous
    • Receive FIFO—2K asynchronous
    • Receive FIFO—2K isochronous
IEEE 1394b Transceiver/Arbiter:

Texas Instruments TSB81BA3

Number of Ports:
  • Two Bilingual P1394b and one FireWire P1394a Cable Ports
  • External: Bilingual 9pin X 2 + FireWire 6pin
Power Management:

D0, D1, D2, and D3 power states and PME events per the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification

Bus Power Connector:

with mini 4-pin DC +12V power connector

Operating System Requirements
  • Windows 98 SE, ME
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003 , 7 , 8, 8.1
  • MacOS X or higher
  • Linux 2.6.X