• Host Bus: 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express
  • Number of Ports: One eSATA and One Internal SATA ports
  • Boot ROM:
    • Rev 1.0 (Blue Color): Without Boot ROM
    • Rev 1.1 (Green Color): Provides Jumper to Enable or Disable Boot ROM
  • Low Profile PCI Form Factor: Yes

The SATA2-PCIE1x21 is 2- port Serial ATA II to 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express Host Adapter. The SATA2-PCIE1x21 is designed to provide two ports Serial ATA II connectivity (Serial ATA Generation 2 transfer rate of 3.0 Gb/s). The SATA2-PCIE1x21 supports both AHCI and Legacy IDE controller to increase system feasibility, including Native Command Queuing (NCQ), ATAPI Device, Port Multiplier with Command-based Switching, Hot Plugging like USB and eSATA (External SATA) connection on SATA port to enhance SATA II capability. It features PCI Express bus and Serial ATA II interface to express high performance storage devices.

  • SATA2-PCIE1X21 does not support RAID function on Port Multiplier.
  • SATA2-PCIE1X21 supports Port Multiplier as Data HDD only.
  • SATA2-PCIE1X21 supports Port Multiplier Port 0 identification only during Option ROM stage.
  • SATA2-PCIE1X21 supports Port Multiplier Port 0 to Port 4 identification after Windows OS is active
Technical Specifications
  • Compliance
    • Compliant with Serial ATA AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface) Spec. Revision 1.0
    • Compliant with Bus Master Programming interface for IDE ATA Controllers Revision 1.0
    • Compliant with PCI Express Bus Spec. Revision 1.0a
    • Compliant with Serial ATA High Speed Serialized AT Attachment Spec. Revision 1.0a
    • Compliant with Serial ATA II: Extensions to Serial ATA 1.0a Revision 1.1
    • Compliant with Gen2i and Gen2m Serial ATA II: Electrical Spec. Revision 1.0
  • PCI Express Features
    • Supports 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express
    • Internal native interface multiplexed to 2-port SATA II
    • All registers accessible in unified memory space
    • No supporting system error alarm such as SERR and PERR function
  • Serial ATA Features
    • Supports Serial ATA Generation 2 transfer rate of 3.0 Gb/s
    • Supports two independent SATA II channels (separate logic and FIFO)
    • Supports SATA II Gen2i and Gen2m (External SATA Connection, eSATA)
    • Supports Native Command Queuing (NCQ) on SATA II port
    • Supports Hot Plugging
    • Supports Port Multiplier with Command-based Switching on SATA II port
Computer Platform
  • PC with 1-lane 2.5 Gb/s PCI Express slot
Operating System Requirements

Drivers supported by the following OS

  • Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7
  • Linux
    • FreeBSD FreeBSD 5.5 or later
    • OpenBSD OpenBSD 4.0 or later
    • Redhat/Fedora Fedora Core 5 or later
    • Suse Suse 10.0 or later
    • Gentoo Gentoo 2006.0 or later
    • Ubuntu Ubuntu 6.06 or later
    • RHEL RHEL 4.4 or later
    • CENTOS CENTOS 4.4 or later
    • Suse Enterprise Suse Enterprise 10 or later
    • Other Linux Distrbution Kernel 2.6.35 or later
    • Unix Solaris Solaris 10 or later
    • NAS FreeNAS FreeNAS 0.65 or later
    • NAS OpenFiler Opene-NAS or later
  • MAC OS X
    • *MAC OS 10.4.3 or later
    • MAC OS 10.5 or later

* Supported by (AHCI or IDE compatible mode) ; Support Partial function

Kit includes
  • SATA2-PCIE1X21 Host Adapter
  • Driver CD for Raid Mode BIOS
Optional Accessories
  • Low Profile PCI Bracket (BR-00226-00)