• PCIe x4 Gen 3 (8.0 GT/s), Low-Profile PCI Form Factor
  • IEEE 802.3an 10G, 5G, 2.5G,1G and 100M over up to 100m of Cat6a (or better) cables
  • Supports POE+ (IEEE 802.3at Power Sourcing Equipment)
  • Typical Power Consumption: 6 W at 10 Gbps, 4W at 5 Gbps full length 100 m Cat6a
  • Standard compliance:
    IEEE 802.3bz – NBASE-T, IEEE 802.3x – flow control,
    IEEE 802.1P – quality of service, IEEE 802.1QAV – AVB
  • Jumbo frame support up to 16 KB

GE10P-PCIE4XG301 is 10G/ 5G/ 2.5G/ 1000BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX Ethernet (POE+) to PCI Express x4 Gen 3 Host Card.

GE10P-PCIE4XG301 supports 10GBASE-T Ethernet in compliance with the IEEE 802.3an standard, as well as 5 Gbps and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet speeds over standard Cat 5e and Cat 6 copper cables. Compliant to the IEEE 802.3bz standard ratified in September 2016, the GE10P-PCIE4XG301 is also backwards-compatible with legacy 1000BASE-T Ethernet.

The GE10P-PCIE4XG301 is a single-chip, single-port, high-performance PCIe 3.0 Multi-Gig 10GBASE-T/ 5GBASE-T/ 2.5GBASE-T/ 1000BASE-T/ 100BASE-TX Ethernet adapter. It incorporates Aquantia’s AQrate PHY technology to deliver 1 GbE and 2.5 GbE network connectivity speeds over 100 m with zero change required for legacy cabling. Speeds ranging from 5 GbE to 100 M are supported by Cat 5e cabling while 10GbE requires a minimum of Cat6 with Cat 6a running up to 100 m.

Technical Specifications
PCI Express
  • PCI Express Gen3 or Gen2, (Supports line rates of 8.0 GT/s and 5.0 GT/s per lane)
  • Bus width: Supports Gen3 x4 or Gen2 x4
  • MSI, MSI-X, and legacy INTx PCIe interrupts, Improved CPU utilization and network performance
  • Large Send Offload (LSO), Receive-Side Scaling (RSS), Direct Cache Access (DCA) header checksum
    • Increased network performance and lower host CPU utilization
  • WoL power management
    • Supports low power modes
  • On-chip CPU DASH
    • Desktop management
  • MACsec
    • Secured traffic over Ethernet links
  • Quality of Service (QOS) support
    • Up to eight traffic classes and Data Center Bridging (DCB)
  • Jumbo frames (up to 16Kbytes)
    • Improves network performance with reduced CPU utilization
  • IPv4, IPv6/TCP and IPv6/UDP checksum offload
    • Offloading calculations and improved CPU usage
  • Integrated Aquantia AQrate PHY featuring NBASE-T technology
    • 100 meters over Cat 6a at 10Gbps
    • 100 meters over Cat 5e and Cat 6a at 5Gbps/ 2.5Gbps/ 1Gbps/ 100Mbps
  • Advanced cable diagnostics
    • On-chip high resolution cable analyzer
  • Audio Video Bridging (AVB) and 1588v2
    • Management of time-sensitive traffic packets
  • EEE support
    • PHY power savings mode
  • Supported Data Rates
    • 10G/ 5G/ 2.5 G/ 1G/ 100 Mbps
  • Standard compliance
    • IEEE 802.3bz – NBASE-T, IEEE 802.3x – flow control, IEEE 802.1P – quality of service, IEEE 802.1QAV – AVB
POE+ Feature
  • Supports IEEE 802.3at Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE)
  • Operates from a 54 V supply
  • Provides PD real-time protection through the following mechanisms: overload, under-load, over-voltage, over-temperature, and short-circuit.
  • Auto mode – allows turning PDs on and off automatically.
Power Input for POE+

Step-Up 12V from either PCIe Slot or auxiliary SATA power connector

  • From PCIe Slot
    • 25 W Slot (Max. 25W)
    • 75 W Slot (Max. 30W)
  • From SATA Power Connector
    • SATA Power (Max. 30 W)
LED Indicators
  • Left LEDs (Green & Orange)
    • Orange: 5G/2.5G/1G/100M Link
    • Green: 10G Link
  • Right LED  (Green)
    • On: with POE
    • Off: without POE
Number of Port
  • One 10GBASE-T RJ45 Ethernet (POE+) port with Screw Holes for thumbscrew locking Type Ethernet Cable
Computer Platform
  • Computer with PCI Express slot ( x4, x8, x16)
Operating System Requirements
  • This driver supports in the following operating systems
    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2012/2016
    • Linux kernels 3.10 and later, includes support for x86_64 and ARM Linux system
Physical Dimensions
  • 64.4mm(H) x 148mm(L)
  • NW: 121g
  • CE Test: Pass
  • FCC Test : Pass
  • VCCI Test: Pass
  • RCM Test: Pass


Kit includes
  • GE10P-PCIE4XG301
  • Driver CD
Optional Accessories
  • Low Profile PCI Bracket --- BR-00194-31-1020