• Internal Dual PCIe x4 (two SFF-8654 4x 38pin) to PCIe x8 Gen 3 Switch Host Card
    • Upstream port: PCIe x8 Edge Finger
    • Downstream port: Two Internal PCIe Cable Port ( SFF-8654 4x 38pin Connector)
    • PCI Express Switch: 16-Lane, 5-Port PCIe Gen 3
  • Supports Low Profile PCI Form Factor: Low Profile PCI Bracket BR-00194-34-1020

QIP2X-PCIE8XG302 is a fully non-blocking, low-latency, low-power 16-Lane, 5-Port PCIe Gen 3 Switch Host Card.

The PCIe Gen 3 Switch (16-Lane, 5-Port) allows users to take advantage of a single PCIe x8 slot, through the use of QIP2X-PCIE8XG302, and transform their PCIe slot into the following modes:

  • Two PCIe Slots (x4, x4)
  • Four PCIe Slots (x2, x2, x2, x2)

The flexible hardware configuration and software programmability allows the switch to be tailored for a wide variety of application.
QIP2X-PCIE8XG302 supports Port configuration options:

Technical Specifications


Upstream PCIe interface
  • 8-lane PCI Express
    • PCIe Gen 1 (2.5 GT/s)
    • PCIe Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s)
    • PCIe Gen 3 (8.0 GT/s)
Downstream PCIe interface
  • Two SFF-8654 4x 85ohm 38pin Connectors
  • Each SFF-8654 Connector 4-lane PCI Express
    • PCIe Gen 1 (2.5 GT/s)
    • PCIe Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s)
    • PCIe Gen 3 (8.0 GT/s)
  • SFF-8654 Connector pinout
Key Features
  • Standards Compliant
    • PCI Express Base Specification, r3.0 (compatible w/ PCIe r1.0a/1.1 & 2.0)
    • PCI Power Management Spec r1.2
    • Microsoft Windows Logo Compliant
    • Supports Access Control Services
    • Dynamic link-width control
    • Dynamic SerDes Speed Control
  • High Performance
    • performancePAK
      • Multicast
      • Dynamic Buffer/FC Credit Pool
    • Non-blocking switch fabric
    • Full line rate on all ports
    • Cut-Thru packet latency of less than 100ns between symmetric (x4 to x4) ingress and egress Ports
    • 2KB Max Payload Size
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • Traffic Class Queuing
    • Eight Traffic Classes per port
    • Weighted round-robin source port arbitration

Lane Status LEDs

  • Slow Blink: Gen 1
  • Fast Blink: Gen 2
  • Solid: Gen 3
  • Upstream Lane Status LEDs
    • LEDP0: Upstream Status LED
  • Downstream Lane Status LEDs
    • LEDP1: Downstream Status LED (x8)
    • LEDP1 & LEDP2: Downstream Status LED (x4, x4)
    • LEDP1&LEDP2 &LEDP3 & LEDP4 LEDs: Downstream Status LED (x2, x2, x2, x2)

SW1-1&2: PCIe Port Configuration

    Switch Port Configuration
    SW1-1 SW1-2 PCIE1 PCIE2
    ON* OFF* x4 x4
    OFF OFF x2, x2 x2, x2
    OFF ON x8

SW1-3&4: Max PCIe Data Rate

    SW1-3 SW1-4 PCIe Data Rate
    ON* OFF* Gen 3 (8.0 GT/s)
    OFF OFF Gen 2 (5.0 GT/s)
    ON ON Gen 1 (2.5 GT/s)
SMbus Slave Address Setting Switch

Slave Address
A1 A0

SW2-1 SW2-2 SW2-3 SW2-4
0 0

0xE0 W
0xE1 R

0 1

0xE2 W
0xE3 R

1 0

0xE4 W
0xE5 R

1 1

0xE6 W
0xE7 R

Computer Platform Requirements Desktop computer equipped with a PCIe 3.0 x8, x16 slot
Number of Port
  • Two SFF-8654 4x 38pin connectors
  • One JST Compatible 2pin Wafer (Supply 3.3Vaux Power)
Physical Dimensions
  • 64mm(H) x 110mm(L)
  • NW: 58.8g
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Optional Accessories
  • Low Profile PCI Bracket
    • BR-00194-34-1020
  • CB-00645---JST Wafer 2pin Cable ; Pitch=2.0mm