• Provides four SATA 7-pin latch Connectors
  • Provides one infiniband Multilane 4x SATA Jackscrew type Connector
  • Supports SATA I/ SATA II Host Controllers
  • Supports total SATA cable length (internal + external) up to 3 meters or more.
  • Provides 4 Activity Indicator LEDs for each SATA Channels
  • MLSATA4X01P is designed in PCI bracket form factor.
  • Low Profile PCI brackets available upon request
Physical Dimension
  • (WxHxD):4.40 x 1.25 x 8.95cm
    MLSATA4X01P is with well design consideration so it will not block other PCI slot.
  • Idea to convert the internal four SATA Ports (PC or Server) into one external Multilane 4x SATA Port.
  • For connecting external SATA storages (JOBD or RAID).

Multilane SATA 4X Cable